100% Grass-Fed Suet Sourced Only From Family Owned Regenerative Farms - Preservative Free - Waterless Formulations

Grass-Fed Tallow, Enriched Formulations, Your Happiest Skin Yet

Tallow-based skincare for immediate comfort and a lasting glow

It's Luxury Skin Care Made Simple

Harnessing the natural restorative benefits of Tallow boosted with 100% natural ingredients to relieve dryness, restore your skin’s natural balance, and make every application delightful.

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Whipped Tallow Face & Body Cream

Whipped Tallow Face & Body Cream

95% Tallow in a delicious whipped texture to nourish even the driest of skin types.
Tallow Lotion Stick

Tallow Lotion Stick

When you need to keep your skin hydrated but don’t like the feel of lotion on your hands.

Why Taddo's Tallow?

Carefully Selected Ingredients for Purity and Effectiveness
Enriched Formulas

We enrich Tallow with natural ingredients to maximize its benefits and make the application experience a treat for you.

100% Grass-fed and ethically sourced Suet Tallow

Grass-fed Suet Tallow is the most nutrient-rich form of Tallow and the only kind we use.

Locally sourced ingredients and materials

When you shop Taddo’s Tallow, you’re supporting more than one small business.

Enriched Formulas
100% Grass-fed and ethically sourced Suet Tallow
Locally sourced ingredients and materials
100% Grass Fed Tallow
Handmade in Small Batches
Preservative Free
Holistic Ingredients
Gluten Free
Paraben & Phthalate Free
Sustainably Made
Women Owned
Made in the USA

Taddo's Tallow

From head to toe, lips to pits, we’ve got you covered

Find your entire routine in our Tallow Starter Set. Includes our Lotion Stick, Whipped Tallow, Deodorant, and Lip Balm.


"Taddo’s Tallow has improved the texture and appearance of all my skin! 

My weathered face, my callused hands, and my dry arms and legs are all soft, silky, and protected against the elements with Taddo’s Tallow. I’ve been using it for a year now and my skin complexion has changed drastically and I look and feel so much better."

Get results like Sara.

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