About Taddo's Tallow

The simplest (and most natural way) to vanish dry skin for good.

Tallow-based skincare that feeds your skin exactly what it needs.

We’ve all been on the hunt for that one product that can truly do it all: keep our skin nourished, protected, and healthy. But too often, we end up with complicated routines or products that simply don’t cut it. Our skin? The same as always. The secret has been hiding in nature all along: Tallow.

Why Tallow?

Tallow is a beef co-product loaded with fatty acids, vitamins A, D, K, and E, and trace minerals your skin craves. 

Tallow is known to:

- Reduce inflammation and redness
- Nourish dry and cracked skin
- Reduce the appearance of fine lines
- Promote healing of damaged skin

The best part? It shares your skin’s pH and the structure of your sebum, so your skin can soak in all those delicious nutrients.

We’ve taken Tallow and made it even better

Tallow is truly a miracle ingredient, with natural antimicrobial and ultra-nourishing benefits. And our products? They’re crafted by hand to maximize the benefits of Tallow and give your skin the treatment it deserves.  

No weird smells or grainy texture on our watch!

Every product is whipped up in small batches, to ensure high quality every time. From washing the tallow to hand-whipping our formulas, we’re all about giving you the most enjoyable skincare experience.

Enriched with more natural goodness. 

We keep things simple yet effective. That’s why our formulas are created with natural ingredients like mango butter, shea butter, and coconut oil, to enhance absorption, deliver the nourishment of Tallow more effectively, and amplify its benefits. 

100% Grass-Fed, Ethically Sourced Tallow

We only use the best Tallow. Ours comes straight from a family-owned Regenerative Farm nestled in Washington State. We opt for Tallow suet for its superior nutritional content over trim fat. 

Plus, we’re all about keeping it local! From ingredients to packaging, we source everything from small businesses right here in the USA. And yes, it’s all traceable.

Our Story

I used to suffer from itchy and painful eczema

It kept me from doing the things I wanted to do and living life to the fullest. I tried every remedy under the sun with no results. Then, a skin cancer diagnosis shook me up. I had to clean up my lifestyle, including my skincare routine. 

In my search for a clean yet effective solution for my eczema and sensitized skin from cancer treatments, I stumbled upon the miraculous benefits of Tallow.

Within just a week of using Tallow, my eczema drastically improved. I was hooked but wanted something easier and friendlier to apply. 

After countless trials and errors, trying different formulas, ingredients, and techniques, I cracked the code. I created a Tallow-based lotion bar that not only delivered the nourishing benefits of Tallow but also provided an amazing user experience.  My miracle product soon grew into a line of functional essentials that maximizes the nourishing power of Tallow, from ultra-moisturizing face and body cream to odor-cancelling deodorant. 

While I used Tallow for eczema, Taddo’s Tallow is a simple and natural solution for all skin types — from dry and irritated skin, to mature skin with aging concerns. Now, I’m on a mission to show the world that achieving healthy, comfortable skin doesn’t have to be complicated. 

Tami Taddo,

Founder of Taddo’s Tallow

Ready to never worry about dry skin again?